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I want to guide you to wellness by teaching you to advocate for your own health.

Welcome to my health and wellness site where I also blog! When I started this site, I knew I wanted to use the space to bring forth healthy lifestyle changes for people struggling with acute or chronic illnesses that may be holding them back from achieving a life of wellness. I am excited to be able to show you how you can make lasting positive changes in your health without the most recent trends, pills or supplements. I hope you are excited to learn new ways to improve your health while I provide the tools needed for lifelong wellness.

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I am so excited to interact with you. I started my health and wellness coaching business, Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC because I have witnessed men and women struggling to lose weight, having a difficult time managing diabetes, and living with autoimmune disease; or suffering from anxiety, fear or lacking the ability to self empower to reach their dreams. I’ve always been a person that loves empowering people to do better in their life. It is fulfilling for me to watch someone reach their goals; be that weight loss, getting that new job, managing their anxiety or fears, controlling their blood sugars etc. I want to work with you to show you the tools that you can use to achieve wellness through an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

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Research shows that having a health coach can help people manage their chronic conditions. Losing weight and keeping it off, increasing movement and generally improving physical and mental health, will allow men and women to reach sustainable health goals. There is no “magic pill” to achieve a life of wellness, it takes a combination of lasting lifestyle changes that have a positive impact. With the help of a Coach, there is a solution to many health conditions. Health coaches teach the principles of mindset and behavior modification to help their clients overcome the barriers that have held them back.

If you want to discuss how coaching can help you to reach those health goals that you have tried to achieve unsuccessfully in the past, contact me so we can be in touch!

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Tina Butt
Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate
Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

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