Who is Tina?

Tina outside with her eyes closed and sunlight on her faceI am a wife, mom, daughter and family nurse practitioner. Wearing all of these different hats allows me to be qualified as a health and wellness coach. I promote health and wellness through several different processes; educating, guiding and listening. I am a healthcare advocate and will guide people to wellness by teaching them how to use their own voice to advocate for themselves or their loved ones when navigating the ever changing and stressful healthcare system.

I enjoy spending my time with family and friends. I love to learn about people and new things. My day is not complete if I have not learned something new. I have worked in medicine for over 20 years, throughout those years I have seen hundreds of people struggle with diagnoses such as diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression and autoimmune disease who were unable to achieve their health goals. They try everything to lose weight without success; they listen to what their medical provider is telling them to control their diabetes and get the blood sugars down; they read about methods to help control anxiety; but they just cannot do it alone. What I have found is a lack of education and a negative mindset from years of “failing” at what people have attempted to improve in regard to their health, has made it so these people get “stuck” in their current unhealthy situation. I have a passion for teaching and I empower people to go after those goals, change their mindset and achieve a happy healthy life.

Personally, I have struggled with multiple autoimmune diseases which I manage through diet and stress reduction. It started out with Grave’s Disease in 2000 then “gluten sensitivity” in 2015 after 2 back to back injuries one being a fractured hip. Then in 2019 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Urticaria and Myopathy. After what I felt like a complete disappointment of an experience with the medical system, I patiently turned my health around by teaching myself how to meditate and do breath work; I quit the fad diets and counting calories and killer workouts. Now I use my mind, body food and anti-inflammatory supplements to maintain my weight and overall health and wellness.

I am an advocate for taking responsibility for the life we have lived and the life we want to live. Through my courses, coaching services, Facebook group and membership program, I am now helping other women take back their health so they can get their life back by living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Wellness Quotes

Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them

– Joubert Batha

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids

– Lenny Lemons

People start to heal, the moment they are heard

– Cheryl Richardson

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