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Are you wishing you could lose weight, have less pain so you can play with your kiddos or grandkids or just feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Are you looking for ways to create space and time in your life to work on your health goals?

I help women find their individual healthy path so they can feel good about themselves. I do this by taking them through a step by step system that has been used by many women to lose weight, decrease pain, increase self esteem, manage chronic disease and prevent disease.

By joining the Master Your Health Membership Plan, you get full access to healthy tips, recipes, blogs, videos, motivational posts, bi-weekly live coaching, a private Facebook group, and Q&A sessions. 

I take you through my step by step system to help you reach your health goals so you can feel good about yourself again!

Here are some of the perks of being a VIP in Master Your Health Membership:

  • The opportunity to view blog posts that are restricted for members only
  • Quarterly opportunity to have a 45 minute 1-on-1 empowerment coaching session with Tina via Zoom to be scheduled by the member
  • Healthy recipes
  • Monthly self care workshops to get clarity on ways to improve your health by focusing on YOU and your needs
  • Regular inspiration for living a well balanced life
  • Celebrate your WINS (big or small) together
  • Ask for feedback from other members or the moderator, Tina Butt
  • Ask for ideas or assistance with finding motivation
  • Private Facebook group for members only where you gain access to up to date healthy information and news, self care strategies, live videos, connection with others
  • Monthly topics that can be accessed according to your need(s) depending on what you are interested in working on related to your overall health and wellness

The goal of this Membership Plan is to develop a community of people working on the same goal – self development by learning how to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle for prolonged and ultimately lifelong, wellness. You will:

  • Learn tips on losing weight without gimmicks by working on the whole body from your mind to your toes
  • Learn ways to manage stress and anxiety
  • Develop tools to help with decreasing chronic pain
  • Form a healthy relationship with yourself and others
  • Develop healthy habits

You get instant access to all of these great services for only $19.97 per month! You can cancel anytime without penalty.

So, don’t you want to be a Master Your Health Member and be given special VIP treatment? Join us in this amazing, supportive and informative community!

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