Personal Growth In Your Own Home Environment

What is personal growth?

I see it as Self Improvment; the ways I can improve myself!

I read a study from that shared how much money the US spends on Personal Growth and Development. Here are some numbers:

  • 9.9 Billion/year on Personal growth. NOW compare that to the following.
  • 61 Billion/year on the Music and film industry
  • 265 Billion/year on Beauty Products and care of the outer self.

Do the math…… 33 times more money is spent on anything other than personal growth!


The positive effects from Personal Growth should be what drives us to work on self improvement.

  1. Healthy relationships
  2. Less Stress
  3. Improved overall health
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Greater overall success
  6. Improved self control
  7. Greater resilience
  8. Happiness

When I look at the list above I am thinking…. “Sign me up”. Who wouldn’t want all of those things? By having all of those things, you will be able to enjoy the other parts of your life such as going to the Theatre, attending a Pro Football game, getting some plastic surgery if your heart desires, the career you have worked to achieve.

Instead, we stress about finding the money and happiness to attend outings; getting multiple procedures to “improve our appearance”; we try every “quick fix” that is at the forefront for weight loss; and we spend money on the best clothes and cars and big homes! We put time and money into these things, yet never quite feel fulfilled.

The reason is because these things are a bandaid to what we really need. At the time its “faster” for us to get these things; this is what is meant by a “quick fix”. People in general want to feel good NOW; not tomorrow, not next week. NOW!

By choosing YOU, you will begin to feel good I promise. There are no “quick fixes” that teach you a lifestyle of health. Aim for improving yourself from head to toe: mind, body, heart and soul! This is what I consider “Holistic Health”, it’s a lifestyle not a “quick fix”.

Back to the amount of money people spend on appearances……

You can look great on the outside and feel horrible on the inside.

To feel great as a whole, you need to improve how you feel on the inside.

Self Improvement activities will help you feel good from the inside out! Try it, what can you lose? I know you will gain the respect of others once you begin to respect yourself.

XO, Tina

Contact me if you need help getting out of your head and into your health!

Tina Butt

Tina Butt
APRN, Health and Wellness Coach & Healthcare Advocate

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