My Services

Health & Wellness Coaching

I am an expert in providing powerful interventions, and will support you to generate new thought processes so you can initiate and maintain sustainable healthy changes, to work toward a well balanced life that will benefit you. I will provide the tools needed to change your current habits to more healthy and sustainable ones. I will educate on the importance of treating your whole body(holistic care) to treat and prevent illness. Here are some of the areas we can work on together:

  • Learning about food
  • Anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • Mindset
  • Habit change
  • Goal setting
  • Self motivation
  • Healthy tips
  • Self empowerment and accountability
  • Overall lifestyle change
  • Stress management
  • And much more!

Healthcare Advocacy

As a Nurse Practitioner, I am an expert in navigating the healthcare system and will guide you to learn how to speak up for your own health and will bridge the gap between you and your healthcare team. Here are some of the services I can help you with:

  • Facilitate and coordinate communication between you and your medical provider
  • Review your medications while educating on safety and their effects
  • Provide information on local home care services
  • Provide education and input on your current health concerns
  • Provide a clear review on end-of-life goals and procedures
  • Educate on preventing disease and promoting wellness
  • Assist in transition of living arrangements(from home to and extended care facility)

Below you will find a link to the wellness company that I am proud to have joined forces with!

I am a part of a TOP Health and Wellness Organization in the natural Neutraceutical and Full Spectrum Hemp industry. We are a rapid growing global company (3rd fastest growing right now,2021), so I’m looking to add like minded people who want to lead their own business?

I’m looking to partner with people interested in personal development who like leadership! 🔥Work from anywhere🔥Part/full time(whatever hours you would like to work)🔥Free Training is provided🔥Abundant income opportunity🔥Learn new skills🔥Help others🔥Network with new people and businesses🔥Develop a great team of friends, colleagues🔥Extra income🔥Great health opportunity.

If the above describes you then please send me a message so we can talk and get YOU signed up to become a part of the Q Family!

Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, therapist or healthcare provider. I am a health and wellness coach and will function as such. I will not give medical advice or diagnose or prescribe. Please contact your healthcare provider for specific information related to your health.